research from jacket project

Peter Pan's outfit reminded me of the fairy like aspect to my jacket piece. The little choppy pieces of his outfit are most similar to the way that my jacked drapes and moves with the wearer just like Peter Pan's.

This image is more fashion illustration then the previous three. The use of expression and the contrast between the visual picture and the text behind shows the story literally. I like the delicacy of her face and the way she is drawn.

These jackets I found on etsy for sale. They are taking the simple idea of adding and embellishing a jacket to a new level. This designer adds parts of other jackets on to their garments. This is most like the idea that we have embarked upon. Eventhough personally I would not purchase these items I think they are interesting to reference for our project because it shows a more commercial side to what we've been doing and shows a more refined way of styling the jacket.

This belt jacket is almost the opposite of what we are creating. A jacket made of belts is not using any jacket components and I think it is an interesting contradiction to the project that we have embarked upon.

'Personally, I'm not even sure how to write a review of something so nakedly obvious. Either you think fashioning handbags after different articles of clothing is clever, you're probably into these bags, and if you think it's silly or juvenile, you probably want to set them on fire. There's not much nuance to dissect, which has always been creative director Jeremy Scott's MO, and that tactic's success generally succeeds or fails depending on any particular individual's feelings about the joke he's trying to crack with a particular piece.'

Red Riding Hood's cape had the same shape and form to my jacket. I liked the contrast between the green and the red and how she just completely stands out from the trees. Also the drawing technique is very interesting! The detailed use of fine line vs water colour.


fall 2014

'And while his set design and music were very nearly lifted directly from Roma, the clothes on display were not. In the film, the bishops observe an absurd spectacle of priests on roller skates, giant flapping nuns’ wimples, and roboticized habits that would put Hussein Chalayan to shame. Browne, on the other hand, while perennially interested in spectacle, looked to Fellini more as a “visual inspiration. The music was something that interested me but nothing was literal,” he said. When it came to the clothes, “the tailoring was more my focus. Round shoulders and round hips. Very forties, but loosely so, not just a simple Old Hollywood forties.”'


I chose this image because of the more traditional depiction of Red Riding Hood. I like that she is central in the page and all focus is on her and her cape. The forest behind doesn't look very threatening compared to the last picture and her face and colours used are muted and angelic.


spring 2015

I chose to display this collection as well to show a different type of changing a jacket. In fall 2014, we see huge sweeping curves or sharp lines to change the way the jacket lies on the body. Contrastingly in this latest collection we have a huge multitude of adding 3D objects to make the jackets shape change. This is a different way of viewing the process. This is more relevant as inspiration for day 2 where we had to add more fabric to add depth. 


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