This is a Jormon Pot on exhibit at the Barbican during their 'A History of the World in 100 Objects' exhibition. This pot was listed as number 10 and originated 14,000 years ago. The reason this is interesting to me is that this is a very culturally unique item that relates to one japanese culture. I find culture very interesting because in my opinion it shapes who you are, and because we are all human, (and genetically very similar) it is fascinating how you can differ based on your heritage. Time is also a big factor, this pot may have been a necessity 14,000 years ago however, practically, a more stable piece of equipment might be better suited today in our modern society.


This penny deals with a completely different kind of heritage. Our political heritage. As an alien coming from earth is it as interesting to learn about all the struggles humans have endured politically, as it is to learn about the environmental struggles. This penny is also exhibited in the exhibition a fore mentioned. By defacing a penny it was defacing the very thing that society is fueled by: money. However to someone of a different culture where women's rights are not politicized as much does this penny represent their present struggle and could an alien begin to understand this. For me the difference is culture and family is what makes humanity unique and that is something I am excited about this project.







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